PyCon 2021 Notes, Part 2

In this blog post, I share my notes from the PyCon US 2021 talks I attended on Saturday May 15th. See also my blog post from last week, where I provided background on the conference and covered the first day of the conference talks, May 14th. Update: the talks are now available for free on YouTube here. Saturday Talks Packaging Python in 2021 Speaker: Jeremy Paige I maintain a few… Read More »PyCon 2021 Notes, Part 2

Talk on Data Hut Tonight

Tonight, May 19th, I will be giving a talk at SF Python about our open source directory, If you are interested, you can sign up here. Talk Abstract My wife and I recently launched, a free website that tracks open source projects in the data science and data engineering space. In this talk, I will provide an overview of the site and then describe the data pipeline used… Read More »Talk on Data Hut Tonight

PyCon 2021 Notes, Part 1

I attended PyCon US 2021 on May 14-15. I liked the sessions that presented new tools or best practices, which will be covered in two blogs. This first blog post contains notes from the first day (May 14th), while the second blog post covers talks from the next day (May 15th).  I focused on talks about data science topics, with a few other talks that piqued my interest. For each… Read More »PyCon 2021 Notes, Part 1