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Talk on Data Hut Tonight

Tonight, May 19th, I will be giving a talk at SF Python about our open source directory, If you are interested, you can sign up here. Talk Abstract My wife and I recently launched, a free website that tracks open source projects in the data science and data engineering space. In this talk, I will provide an overview of the site and then describe the data pipeline used… Read More »Talk on Data Hut Tonight

How To Select Open Source Software

We are often asked by our clients to help select the best open source software for a given use case. For example, we might be asked to select a data warehouse for analytics queries, a time series database for marketing events, or an ML library for a recommendation engine. Through a combination of research, data analysis, and prototyping, we work with our clients to make the decision for their business.… Read More »How To Select Open Source Software

The Open Source Software Life Cycle

Open source projects come and go over time. A project may rise from obscurity to become the hottest thing, and then, in a few years, go back to obscurity. Before betting on an open source project for your next solution, you want to make sure that project will be around for a while. With most open source projects using Git as their source control system, it is easy to grab… Read More »The Open Source Software Life Cycle